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Rainey Trevino
Season 8 Episode 16 | 7m 48s

This 11 year-old performer from Chesapeake is currently playing the lead role in the North American tour of the musical “Annie”. She began performing when she was three, and has steadily grew as an artist, working with Hurrah Players and Virginia Opera, among others, and now finds herself as the lead on the national stage.
Aired: 03/14/24
Rating: NR

Windy Weatherfoot

Windy Weatherfoot is an animated series that follows an adventurous girl named Windy Weatherfoot (Rainey Treviño) and her twin brother, Walker. As the children of Mother Nature, they live in the quaint town of Sunpike in a magical house with countless portals to different environments around the world. Windy, Walker, and their animal friends embark on journeys that take them around the world to do good deeds for nature and be good-natured along the way. After all, there's no adventure too big and no good deed too small, as long as they are home for supper!

Vocal Reel 2023

Rockstar--A Great Big World


Northern Lights--Frozen

Let the Sun Shine On--Frozen

Rain on Me (A cappella)--Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga

L.L. Bean Voice Over

Narration by Rainier Treviño

Mosquito Joe's 2022  

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Mosquito Joe's 2022  

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Mosquito Joe's 2022  

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